2019 Wedding Trends: The Ceremony

Posted on 02/8/19

There are always new and exciting trends popping up in the wedding world, but it’s not often we hear people mention new ways to make the actual wedding ceremony more exciting. If you’re looking for some inspiration to personalize your ceremony, you’re in the right place! From organizing your wedding party to nontraditional venue suggestions, we’re sharing some of the hottest wedding ceremony trends for 2019.

New Year, New Trends

Although wedding trends are constantly changing, the actual ceremony itself has always incorporated more traditional elements. This year, we’re seeing some breaks from tradition. For customized ceremonies, these tips will help you seamlessly blend tradition with trendy.

Wedding Party

This year, we’re seeing smaller, more intimate wedding parties rapidly gaining popularity. Don’t worry ladies, large bridal parties are still around too. But, for those with a smaller guest list, consider having a smaller or mixed gender bridal party.

At the end of the day, your wedding party should be comprised of the people who mean the most to both of you. It doesn’t matter if it’s ten, six or just two people standing at the altar by your side, your wedding party should enhance your special day. So grab your girls (and your guys), and get ready to celebrate!


While your guests are waiting for you to make your big entrance, provide them with some revamped reading material. Designing programs with more interest will allow your guests to get to know you both better, and it can serve as a great memento from the day.

Your program can include the story of how you both met, fun facts about the venue and meaningful moments you want to share, or add in custom, cute graphics to delight your guests. Make sure the elements you choose set the tone for the wedding ahead. You could even add in some secret hints for surprises that will be at the reception!


Wedding floral trends typically revolve around pop culture trends and can even be determined by the season in which the wedding takes place. But, more recently, meaningful flower choices are stepping into the spotlight.

Skip Baby’s Breath and choose floral accents that have sentimental value to you. A bouquet of roses in memory of your Grandma Rose, or Flowering Dogwood representing your North Carolina roots. Regardless of what flowers you choose, incorporating small, significant touches like this can make all the difference in the ceremony.


Sing it loud and sing it proud! Meaningful music for your walk down the aisle is a must. It doesn’t have to be a choreographed dance, but picking “your song” can enhance the overall experience and minimize tired traditional tunes.

If your favorite song isn’t quite appropriate or feels too big and bold, find an instrumental version that better matches the overall tone. Try not to pick anything that will overshadow your moment,  take the time to find the perfect music match.


Wedding venues can be as unique as the couple themselves. We’ve seen venue choices range from churches to white sandy beaches, all the way to airplane hangers. When it comes to the venue, find the space that best represents the two of you.

This year, nontraditional venues and seating arrangements are both very on-trend. If split sides aren’t your thing, try circle seating so your guests can surround you both. Or, if you’ve always dreamed of a modern and rustic venue, an open field or barnyard setting could be just what you need!


The great thing about wedding ceremonies is they can be as custom as you choose. Swapping some tradition for new trends allows you to make the most of your ceremony and sets the stage for a great reception (and after-party)! Whether it’s using smaller wedding parties or adding sentimental touches in your bouquet, 2019’s wedding ceremony trends are made to make a statement!


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