21 Essential Event Planning Apps

Posted on 06/27/18


Planning the perfect event isn’t easy! Between juggling guest lists and seating arrangements to coordinating menus, rentals, and transportation… not to mention managing real life, too! Event planners have their work cut out for them.

Fortunately, there are oodles of handy apps out there that can make putting together all the little details a piece of cake. Here are 21 of our favorite event planning apps that make life easier as you plan your knock-out event.



Even though you’re ultra-focused on making everything perfect for your big day, you still have to pay bills, wish mom happy birthday, and take care of all the nitty-gritty in the meantime. 24me is a personal assistant app that can help manage and automate the details of daily life so nothing falls through the cracks during crunch time.



Asana is a fantastic tool for teams working together to plan the perfect event. Keep all of your event details in one place and assign tasks to your team members. You’ll be able to keep track of everything and make sure nothing gets left undone as your event comes together.



Bizzabo is an all-in-one event planning software for serious organizers. It’s integrated to let you sell tickets, register guests, build websites for your events, host an event community, promote your event, and even get analytics. Bizzabo also integrates with many marketing and workforce apps that your company is probably already using.



If you’re planning a large event, Boomset will make guest registration a breeze. Check in your guests using QR codes, print badges, and create wristbands for your attendees. Boomset also integrates with other event management software, so registration can be as seamless as possible.

Check In Easy


Check-in for event attendees and wedding guests doesn’t get any easier than this. This simple app lets you register and check in up to 20,000 people with a no-fuss digital interface.



Dropbox helps keep all of your event notes, photos, guest lists, and important documents synced across multiple devices. Dropbox is great for teams and people who are always on the go, so everything you need is always close at hand and easily retrievable.



Eversnap is a great wedding photo sharing app that lets all of your guests collect their candid photos and videos in one private online album! Guests can download the app and add photos to your album for free directly from the app – even offline. Cool filters and sharing features are built right in!



If you’re selling tickets, Eventbrite is a no-brainer. They handle the ticketing and sales for you (for a small fee) and even help a little with marketing your event to local users. Their pro “Organizer” app allows you to create even sharper event listings and sell VIP and digital tickets.



Evernote helps keep all your cool ideas in one place and easily accessible by your entire team. It’s like your mobile filing cabinet – keeping all of your notes synced, ready to access anytime.



If you’re in constant communication with your team, HeyTell is a free app that turns your phone into a walkie-talkie. If traditional calls, emails, or texts are too slow, this app could be your team’s next best friend.



Draw up floor plans in seconds just by taking pictures with this free app! MagicPlan is a miracle for helping you lay out tables and decorations in your event space, without spending hours fiddling with 3D software or graph paper.



Pingg is great for creating invitations and guest lists for your event or party. You can also add gift registries or send thank yous and reminders to your guests. Create your own invitations, or find a design professional to do it for you from the app!



Pinterest is the obvious destination for party planners on the hunt for inspiration. Search for whatever strikes your fancy and save your favorites. Revisit your pins later when you’re bringing all the details of your event together. Pinterest is free to use, and the community is enormous!

Planning Pod


Planning pod is the pro event planner’s dream, offering over two dozen tools to manage everything from guest check-in to calendars, venues, contact info, seating arrangements, and more. This all-in-one app has a free trial so you can test it out before committing to their paid version.



Impress your guests with custom online invitations from Punchbowl. The app makes sending cute invites for all kinds of parties easy!

Pandora & Spotify



Every event needs music! Pandora and Spotify let you pull up playlists and even customize your own to provide hours of music for a low price. (Make sure to spring for ad-free, you don’t want ads killing the mood at your throwdown!)



Keep all of your receipts and important documents at your fingertips with ScannerPro. This app turns your phone into a handy scanner so you can snapshot docs, save them as PDFs, and email them or save them within the app so you can access them later.

Super Planner


How much space, food, drinks, or staff do you need at your event? Never fear! Super Planner is here! This app is a must-have for pro planners, and will help you stay on budget, within capacity, and well fed & watered throughout your event.



Sometimes all you need is a to-do list to get the job done. (Okay, maybe five or six or… ten to-do lists…) If you’re a list-maker, you’re in luck. Todoist is a straightforward task management app that is easy to use and a life-saver for keeping all of your tasks organized.

Top Table Planner


Tap Table Planner is an easy app that makes figuring ou seating arrangements effortless. Add tables and fiddle with guest arrangements until everything is perfect.

Social Tables


Another great check-in and seating planning app, Social Tables is a web-based 2D and 3D seating app that helps you visualize the ideal seating arrangement for your guests.




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