Planning a Successful Team Building Event

Posted on 06/2/14
Team building

According to Executive Coach and New York Times best-selling author Christine Comaford, the most productive group experiences combine both team building and team bonding.

Team building can come in various forms such as a weekend retreat, a day on the golf course, in-depth exercises at a conference center, or an afternoon spent learning trust and unity at a challenge course. In order to get the best results out of these events and from employees, it is necessary to keep a set goal in mind from start to finish.

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Without ways to incorporate the learned techniques and tools into their everyday work, the team building experience remains as a “fun memory” left behind. When done correctly, team building exercises can strengthen the overall effectiveness of a team by creating and developing a strong sense of unity.

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When planning your next team building experience, create clear expectations first. What is your team currently lacking—leadership, a collective focus, creativity, customer service, communication, unity between each member? Create a goal from the realized needs of the group, then each planning step taken after laying out your expectations should aid in meeting this goal.

There are many resources and organizations that offer team building experiences, but one way to get the most out of your event is to host the team building exercises off-site for distraction-free bonding.

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WinMock at Kinderton is a unique conference center that has a variety of distinct meeting rooms and spaces ideal for off-site team building experiences. WinMock features a stunning Loft Ballroom excellent for general sessions as well as dinners and receptions, Forsyth and Davie Dining Rooms that can accommodate any room configuration for smaller numbers, Yadkin Meeting Rooms capable of breakout meeting spaces and presentations, and the separate Granary facility, which makes for an exceptional private retreat.

Interested in learning more about team building options available at WinMock for your organization? Please contact Angela Carleton at or 336.397.2010.

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