Wedding Day Fashion Trends for Brides & Grooms

Posted on 11/14/18

We’re digging into one of the most exciting topics in wedding planning: Fashion. Although there are some classic and timeless concepts, wedding styles (and trends) constantly change. Regardless of the style, your wedding is a reflection of you, both individually and as a couple. Here are some ways today’s couples bring fashion to bear on their big day.

Bridal Trends

Generally, wedding trends often mirror the season or major events that happened within the past year. Planning a fall or winter wedding? Consider adding dark accents to contrast your dress. Looking for a more classic take on a current trend? Good news, minimalism is in! No matter what look you’re going for, you’re sure to find inspiration from some of the latest bridal trends.

Princess Capes

Skip the veil and long train! Now one of the biggest bridal trends of 2018, the cape is here to stay. Ranging from long, midi and even mini, a stylish cape can be added to accent a wedding dress in any season (not just winter)!

©Greg Kessler/KesslerStudio | Courtesy of David’s Bridal | Wedding dress by Lazaro


Detached Sleeves

From big and bold to minimal and lacey, shoulder-showcasing, detached sleeves are very on-trend. For those looking to wear a strapless dress but preserve elements of the off-the-shoulder style, detached sleeves may be the right choice for you!

Courtesy of Victoria Kyriakides | © DAN AND CORINA LECCA | ©Greg Kessler/KesslerStudio


Understated Elegance

If you’ve ever dreamed of looking like a real-life princess, thank Meghan Markle for bringing this minimalist trend back into the spotlight. This sophisticated look features no beading, lace, or other “extras,” just pure elegance.

Getty Images/Courtesy

Dark Accents

If classic white isn’t quite your thing, don’t worry. Current bridal trends include statement-making, dark accents. These non-traditional colors are a great way to add a bit of edginess to your look!


Bridal Tips

After you’ve decided on the trends you want to incorporate into your big day, what’s next? Once you have an idea of what you want, it’s time to tackle the shopping. These tips will help you avoid any wedding dress drama.

Know Your Budget

First and foremost, before starting your search, have a budget in mind. Just like any other purchase, prices can vary depending on where you go. Doing a little research beforehand and having an idea of how much you’d like to spend, will help reduce sticker-shock and will keep you from falling in love with a dress out of your budget.

Be Comfortable

While adjustments can always be made to a dress, don’t sacrifice comfort for style. You don’t want to end up tugging, readjusting and constantly worrying about how the dress fits on your wedding day. Shop with style in mind, but remember you want to be able to wear something comfortable, too.

Choose Your Best Silhouette

With so many silhouettes available; A-line, Ballgown, Mermaid, Sheat, Tea-length, and Trumpet, it’s important to pick a style that best flatters your body. Not only should you consider how the style looks, but you should also consider the venue for the big day. (Long, ballgown-like dresses may not be best suited for an outdoor wedding.) Even if you have a silhouette in mind, be open to trying different styles that may flatter your body more!

Start Shopping Early

Custom dresses, appointments, and budget restraints can all factor into how much time the process can take. Giving yourself some extra time when picking out your dress, ensures you won’t feel pressured into picking a dress you don’t love. Keep in mind once you’ve picked out the dress, you’ll also have to have time for any additional adjustments that need to be made. By starting early, you’ll ensure you can take your time going through the entire process.

Groom Trends

Wedding fashion trends aren’t just for the bride anymore. More recently, we’ve seen grooms up their style game. From non-traditional suit colors to patterns and themed-attire, these are some trends we love!

Don’t Back the Black

Skip the traditional black suit and add a bit of color! Blush suits, warm earth tones, and even brighter colored suits are growing in popularity. If you’re not sure that a colored suit is for you, a dark navy can provide a bit of color without straying too far from tradition.

Tricia Victoria & Co. Photography & Nathan Walker Photography | Matt Lien | Kartsie Photography

Match the Theme

Incorporating small themed accents can help blend your wedding day look to match the overall theme. From country-chic cowboy hats to tropical beach vibes and sunglasses, everyone loves a well-matched, themed wedding.

Red Aspen Photography | Heirlume Photography | Jillian Mitchell


Mixing fabrics, textures, and patterns are a great way to incorporate your own style into the wedding day attire. Dual-toned jackets, 70’s-inspired ties, and even floral vests have all been featured as some of the groom trends for the year.

Groom Tips

Wedding day fashion trends can be intimidating. Not to mention, having an entire wedding party to handle, as well. We’ve narrowed down some of the best tips to help ease wedding day jitters and have you stylishly ready to say “I do.”

Choose the Right Weight

Finding the perfect fit for your suit means paying attention to the fabric choice. Depending on the season (and venue), picking a lighter or heavier fabric could make all the difference. Cooler weather calls for a wool or cashmere fabric, whereas summer weather is better suited for linen or khaki.

Don’t Make Best Men Match

There’s no need to have your best men match, but it is important to offer style guides so the wedding looks cohesive. Start off by giving color requirements: is it a blue suit, tan suit, or classic black? What about accessories? Bowties, vests, classic or Converse for the group? Whatever it is, make sure individual style doesn’t break the cohesiveness of the group.

Don’t Try Something New

Have you always wanted to try wearing that cool bomber jacket, or try that sleek haircut you saw in an action movie last summer? We’re sorry to break it to you, but this is not the time. The style of the wedding should be representative of the couple as a whole. Debuting a new haircut and style that isn’t yours on the day of the wedding may not go as well as you originally planned.

Practice Dressing in Advance

This may sound silly, but trust us, you’ll want to practice getting dressed ahead of the big day. This ensures that everything looks (and fits) right and that you have everything you need. Things like a single missing cufflink, or socks that are too tall for your shoes could throw off the look you were trying to achieve.

Her Eyes Are On You

When all eyes are on her, her eyes are on you. With all the organized chaos surrounding wedding planning, it’s easy to forget the real reason for the big day. All of the wedding day style choices come down to that moment. As she walks down the aisle, she gets to look at you, and only you. So take a deep breath, relax, and smile—it is your wedding day after all!


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