Wedding Flower Must-Haves! Tips & Trends for 2018

Posted on 06/6/18

Photographer: Jake + Heather // Florist: Rebecca Rose Creative

When it comes to wedding flowers, this year’s brides are spoiled for choice! Floral design in 2018 can be moody and colorful, stick to single-shade bouquets, or rely on tried-and-true pastel tones. But one thing is certain – having LOTS of big, beautiful blooms is the trend du jour, as florals are a HUGE focus in today’s weddings.

Overall, floral features are bold, prominent, and everywhere. Not only in bouquets and table arrangements, but also on walls, in the aisles, worn as accessories, adorning chairs and plates… even hanging from the ceiling! Basically, if it’s non-traditional, asymmetrical, unexpected, or rustic and organic, it’s in.


Popular Wedding Flower Varieties

One this is for certain, BIG and unusual flowers are in demand. Fluffy, dramatic peony is still a summer classic, and ranunculus is surging in popularity, especially for spring weddings. In fall, dahlias take center stage. And, of course, classic roses are a must-have for winter weddings. Proteas and tropical anthuriums are becoming more popular, too!

Photographer: Click Away Photography // Florist: Green Bee Floral Designs


But besides these big hitters, less common flowers and even older “uncool” varieties are creeping back into bouquets and arrangements. Don’t be surprised to see a smattering of unusual and often overlooked blooms like tulips, dogwood, lilies, daisies, hydrangea and orchids in the trendiest brides’ bouquets this year. Even carnations and baby’s breath are making a comeback!

Photographer: Amber Michelle Photography // Florist: Green Bee Floral Designs


Chic Colors: Purple, Pink & Copper

This year is all about bright pops, deep hues, and moody florals. While creams, whites and pastels are still classic wedding colors, but don’t be afraid to jazz up your bouquets with saturated color, unusual choices, and tons of flowing greenery.

Photographer: Liz Grogan Photography // Florist: ABBA Design


Ultra Violet is the pantone color of the year, and we are already seeing powerful purple creep into bouquets and table arrangements! Whether it’s a bright, poppy shade of violet or a more subdued lavender, purple is definitely a hot color in 2018.

Photographer: Lauren Jolly Photography // Florist:Rebecca Rose Creative


Classic, feminine pinks are still in-vogue, from hot pink hues to pale pastels and even muted, washed-out ash rose.

Photographer: Click Away Photography // Florist: Green Bee Floral Designs


Photographer: Jordan Maunder Photography // Florist: Beverly’s Flowers


Copper is moving from an accent color to the main feature of some bouquets, even ranging into shades of apricot, orange, and butter yellow.

Photographer: Nancy Ray Photography // Florist: Rebecca Rose Creative


Going Green!

Whatever flowers you go with, greenery is an even bigger focus in today’s floral design. Big, cascading bouquets with an organic mix of lush, interesting greenery is ultra-hip and in-demand for the most stylish designs.

Photography: Photographs by Stephanie // Florist: Blooms and Thistle


Look for large and textured leaves like eucalyptus, ferns, lily grass, ivy, rosemary, and olive branches. Unusual options like tropical leaves, herbs, and succulents are also very popular. Many brides even choose foraged or “found” greenery to get that large, natural, overgrown look that is so on-trend.

Photography: Photographs by Stephanie // Florist: Blooms and Thistle


Living Walls

With so much emphasis on flowers, brides are looking beyond bouquets to find ways to incorporate more flowers from floor to ceiling! Decorating walls & furniture with fabulous florals has become the signature look of super-stylish weddings. Floral walls make awesome backdrops for photos during your big day, and bright blooms are the perfect decoration for gift tables, cakes, and even the bar!

Photographer: J&A Photography // Florist: Green Bee Floral Designs  // Bar, Bar Back + Mirror: The Prettiest Pieces // Bar Menu Lettering: The Keen Bee


Photographer: Liz Grogan Photography // Florist: ABBA Design


Floral Chandeliers

When we say “floor to ceiling,” we mean it! Hanging greenery elevates your wedding decor from great to extraordinary! Floral chandeliers are a special touch and give your wedding a lofty, organic, natural vibe.

Photographer: J&A Photography // Vintage Rentals + Lounges: The Prettiest Pieces //Florist: Green Bee Floral Designs // Custom Hand-Lettered Signage: The Keen Bee // Linens + Rentals: Party Reflections


Floral Cocktails, Cakes, & Placeholders!

Why stop at decor? Flowers are showing up on cakes, in specialty cocktails, and on dinner plates, too! Floral-bedecked cakes are a sight to behold, and beautiful blooms make excellent “thank you” gifts and whimsical placeholders for guests.

Photographer: Lauren Jolly Photography // Florist:Rebecca Rose Creative


Floral Accessories

This year, we’re seeing more and more brides and want to not only carry their flowers, but wear them as accessories, on gowns, and in delicate hairstyles, too! Flower crowns have been hugely popular, and bridal hairstyles are moving to include more blooms woven throughout in an organic, ethereal style. 

Photographer: Joe Payne Photography // Florist: Green Bee Floral Designs


Photographer: Amber Michelle Photography // Florist: Green Bee Floral Designs // Dress: Bellissima Bridal Boutique


Flowers are quite possibly our FAVORITE part of weddings. And the floral designers we work with at WinMock at Kinderton never fail to take our breath away with their creative and bold bouquets. We would be happy to hook you up with a local floral artist who can make your dreams come true!



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