Our Team

The only people more excited than the bride and groom are WinMock’s wedding specialists. These ladies love their professional lives so much they often fail to leave them at the office. We’re lucky to have employees so invested in customer outcomes and happiness.


Director of Wedding & Social Events

With a background in non-profit and recreation events, Rebecca aspired to work weddings, and began growing her skills in that area. She joined WinMock in 2014 and quickly showed her knack for nuptials. While she doesn’t act as a full-on wedding planner, Rebecca regularly finds herself Pinteresting with clients. “This may sound cliché, but I really am passionate about seeing tiny visions blossom into reality.” Clients are consistently surprised and appreciative to have Rebecca beside them as they approach the big day.


Event Coordinator

“You know, I’m not half bad at this,” Laura said after planning her own wedding last year. At least that’s how she modestly describes it. Truth is, Laura’s a highly skilled event coordinator. She prides herself on being earnest with clients, and says it’s important to realize that people are sharing a large part of their life with you. “Until you’ve experienced your own wedding day, it’s difficult to understand the pressures around it.” Laura makes it her mission to ensure that every WinMock couple feels confident and comfortable as they approach the altar. It’s no surprise to find her ironing out details the night before our next event.