Why WinMock is Perfect for Destination Weddings

Posted on 12/5/18

If you’re recently engaged or if you’ve already started planning the big day, you’ve probably considered the idea of a destination wedding. And why wouldn’t you? Destination weddings are gaining some serious attention in the wedding world and are increasingly more popular.

One of those reasons why destination weddings are gaining popularity is due to their highly customizable nature. Choosing custom over traditional allows for more flexibility in everything from the venue, catering menu, and wedding day attire.

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Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

Starting the planning process for a destination wedding can be overwhelming. How do you pick the perfect location? How far in advance should you send save the dates? How do you budget for this? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you pull off an incredible day.

Pick Your Location & Venue

The first thing you’ll want to take care of is choosing the destination. It’s important to pick a location (and venue) that fits you both as a couple. Is it an exotic place on your bucket list? A small beachside town on the coast for an intimate chapel ceremony? Or maybe a rustic farm for vows under the stars?

Regardless of what you choose, the only real “rule” to make it a destination wedding, is not choosing your hometown. Beyond that, it’s really up to you!

Save the Dates

Once you’ve confirmed the location, send out your save the dates as early as possible. This ensures you give your guests plenty of time to make the necessary travel arrangements. Keep in mind that since the wedding may not be in the location where the majority of your family and friends are, not everyone will be able to afford the trip.


After you’ve figured out your destination, venue and picked a wedding date, it’s time to nail down your budget. Things like wedding planners, flowers and caterers will have to be included. But, don’t forget to factor in things like airfare, checked baggage, and transportation to and from the airport as well.

Depending on the location and venue you chose, all-inclusive packages may be available to lessen some of the up-front costs. Not to mention that some venues may even comp the catering (or more!) if your guests stay at the venue.

Dress for the Occasion

When planning for your destination wedding, consider the attire suggestions for both you and your guests. Dressing appropriately for the venue (and weather) will not just make you happy, but your guests as well.

If you’re opting for a beachside wedding, find a dress that allows you to be comfortable in the sand (we might recommend ditching the heels). Let your guests know to swap their suit and tie for a casual beach shirt and flip-flops instead.

Research Everything

Similar to a traditional wedding, destination weddings also take a lot of planning and research. Where will everyone stay? What is there to do before and after the big day for your guests? What if I have a wedding day emergency?

By doing your research well ahead of time, you’ll be able to knock out a lot of the unknowns early on. Have a plan (and a backup plan) in case things don’t go exactly as you envisioned. Also, be sure to enlist help from a local wedding planner to take care of things while you’re unable to be at the location.

Destination WinMock

Not all destination weddings are in far away, exotic places. Some of the most magical moments happen right here at WinMock. We don’t normally toot our own horn, but the truth is, we’re a pretty awesome destination wedding choice! Plus, you don’t need to worry about finding your passport. 😉

We’re Close!

We make travel plans easy. We’re close to airports, lodging accommodations and plenty of entertainment options for you and your guests to enjoy. Our location allows for a seamless travel plan not just for your guests, but also allows you to be able to jet off to your honeymoon whenever you’re ready!

We’ve Got the Space

From intimate ceremonies to large receptions, WinMock offers a variety of spaces that can be tailored to your event. The Granary is suited for an intimate setting, while The Loft can accommodate hundreds. Not to mention the two outdoor terraces, Bridal Suite, and Groom’s Lounge—each a special part of the WinMock wedding experience.


Nothing ruins a wedding like unpredicted bad weather. Here you won’t have to worry about a tropical storm blowing away your beachside cabana or an overcast day ruining your “I do’s”. With indoor and outdoor spaces available (think of it as a built-in weather backup plan), WinMock maximizes the dates you can choose for your big day!

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A Tailored Aesthetic

We specialize in making your unique vision come true. However you imagine the atmosphere of your big day, WinMock will accommodate our space to make it so. Our spaces allow you to have all the latest technology and luxuries while preserving historic character in the same setting.

Inclusive Packages

With everything that goes into planning your big day, let us take care of the venue extras. If you’re looking for more than just a rental space, we also offer inclusive packages that include layout planning, catering and bar services, place settings, and decor rentals!

Pre-Vetted Vendors

Not from the area? We’re happy to help! We’ve gone through dozens of vendors to ensure your big day is absolutely perfect. WinMock has agreements with the most highly recommended caterers in North Carolina, ensuring a variety of delectable menu offerings. From flowers to food, we’ll help ensure you have access to the most incredible professionals to create an unforgettable wedding celebration.

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