Friends, you spoke and we listened.¬† While we originally had plans to transform the small granary barn at WinMock into offices for the growing team over at our parent company,¬†Sterling Events Group, we have since decided (with your encouragement – thank you!) to transform the small barn into a second special events venue.¬† We are […]


August 30, 2011

Debuting This Winter : The Granary at WinMock

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It started with an idea. A lofty idea really, of how we could preserve and protect an old grand barn and fill it with life once again.

But as we all know, ideas often remain just that… ideas. To actually see a concept this grand become a reality, let’s just say it is quite a beautiful thing. The hard work, clear vision and careful execution coupled with a community filled with gracious support were the key ingredients in this transformation.

Real Events

June 15, 2011

A Moment To Remember; WinMock at Kinderton Ribbon Cutting (Part Two)

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