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In 2010, Sterling Events Group purchased the country estate of tobacco baron Samuel Clay Williams, set on restoring its buildings to a modernized version of their former glory. Named for its central location between Winston-Salem and Mocksville, North Carolina, WinMock sits as one of the premier event venues in the American South. As experts in the field, Sterling Events Group combined the indelible grandeur of a historical site with the technological capabilities of the finest modern venues. From that, a new WinMock was born, ready for a new generation of memories, without ever letting go of those before.

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05 DEC

Why WinMock is Perfect for Destination Weddings

If you’re recently engaged or if you’ve already started planning the big day, you’ve probably considered the idea of a destination wedding. And why wouldn’t you? Destination weddings are gaining some serious attention in the wedding world and are increasingly more popular.

One of those reasons why destination weddings are…

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