Our Team

You’ll notice we take great pride in our buildings, grounds, and events at WinMock. But simply put, these things wouldn’t be possible without a carefully crafted team. Out of all the amazing things we have here at WinMock, our staff gets the most rave reviews. Until you can meet us in person, read below to get a feel for who we are.



With nearly 30 years in the events industry, Wayne has seen scores of venues, many of them among the most highly regarded in the world. When he first viewed the WinMock property, he recognized an opportunity to create a place that brought together the best of what he had seen in his travels. From this vision, a truly unique and historical venue was born in the American South. Wayne then brought the perfect personnel on board to make it work. The result is Carolina’s most unique event venue, run by industry specialists, with one of the most experienced men in the events industry at its helm.


Operations Manager

Originally from Minnesota, Dawn moved to North Carolina for school and never left. She’s been with WinMock since its very first event the summer of 2011, and we’re lucky to have her. Dawn’s strength lies in her ability to organize. She’s a proactive manager who tries to smooth bumps in the road ahead, and enjoys what she calls “the flexibility of the day.” Her talent for mending the unseen stitches in an event is uncanny. You’re most likely to encounter Dawn the day of your event, and chances are, you’ll be thanking her for something.


Sales Manager - Corporate and Non-Profit Markets

Bill came to WinMock after 26 years of managing The Golden Apple with his mother Ann.  The Golden Apple was the epitome of top-notch catering and service in the Triad, and he has brought those same values and determination to WinMock.


Director of Wedding & Social Events

With a background in non-profit and recreation events, Rebecca aspired to work weddings, and began growing her skills in that area. She joined WinMock in 2014 and quickly showed her knack for nuptials. While she doesn’t act as a full-on wedding planner, Rebecca regularly finds herself Pinteresting with clients. “This may sound cliché, but I really am passionate about seeing tiny visions blossom into reality.” Clients are consistently surprised and appreciative to have Rebecca beside them as they approach the big day.


Event Coordinator

“You know, I’m not half bad at this,” Laura said after planning her own wedding last year. At least that’s how she modestly describes it. Truth is, Laura’s a highly skilled event coordinator. She prides herself on being earnest with clients, and says it’s important to realize that people are sharing a large part of their life with you. “Until you’ve experienced your own wedding day, it’s difficult to understand the pressures around it.” Laura makes it her mission to ensure that every WinMock couple feels confident and comfortable as they approach the altar. It’s no surprise to find her ironing out details the night before our next event.

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