Overcoming the Biggest Hurdle to Event Planning

Posted on 01/4/19

When planning an event, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Here at WinMock, we’ve hosted tons of events from large-scale dinner parties and concerts, to fundraisers and corporate events. Our location has even been host to many different client types as well (non-profit, government, and even private enterprise). Regardless of the event or client type, one of the biggest hurdles most of our clients face is selecting a theme for their event.

Picking a color scheme, setting the guest list, and planning for different activities can be extremely stressful and a bit disorganized if you haven’t settled on a theme. The theme you select affects things like decorations, the overall tone of the event, and can even influence the food you might choose to serve. With so many possibilities for your event, our goal is to help our clients identify and implement amazing themes to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Picking the Theme

Although it may be easy to underestimate the value, themed events can completely change the experience of your guests. To better enhance that experience, we help our clients identify and implement a theme for the event with a very simple process. This process ensures all client goals are achieved, budget and timeline constraints are met and most importantly, that the event is a hit!

Identifying Goals

Starting the process by identifying event goals, allows our team to help you make the best choice for a theme. Depending on the overall goal for the event, the theme suggestions may change.

Experience-based themes can be a great way to increase the attendance of an event. Themes that are interesting but approachable, allow a higher interest level among guests which in turn, creates a higher attendance rate. We’ve planned themed events like carnivals and murder mystery-themed dinners to give our clients a very unique experience.

Destination themes can transport guests to a whole new place without ever stepping on a plan)! We’ve planned events that have transformed WinMock into places like New Orleans or Uganda. If the goal is to raise more money, the fundraiser theme should match the cause. By making the experience more immersive, getting guests to associate the donation with the cause should be much easier.

If you’re planning a corporate event and are looking to increase employee morale, skip the stuffy office or conference hall. A rustic venue-based themed event like a farm-to-table dinner or hoedown may be what your team is looking for. Embracing a theme that allows your team to “unplug” is a great way to motivate your team while they’re away from the office.

Establishing Boundaries

Once your goals have been identified, we then help to establish boundaries. Boundaries within the event planning process include things like budgets, timelines for the event, and any other important information that will affect the actual execution of the themed event. Our goal is to maximize what is possible for the event with the given constraints.

Most importantly, we work with the budget to create the desired experience. We also take into consideration if the event is going to be an annual occurrence, or if it is a one-time event. By utilizing all of this information, we can better help you pick a theme that can execute all your goals within the given boundaries.

Bringing it All Together

After the boundaries have been set, it’s time to bring it all together! From here, we help with things like setting the menus for the event, finding decor to match the theme and setting up all necessary technology to enhance the overall event experience.

This is where all the prior planning comes into play. Using the theme you selected, we can create an extraordinary experience for you and your guests. With our prior event planning experience, you may want help implementing a carnival theme boasting rainbow-colored decor, whimsical tents within the venue space, and fair-themed foods like popcorn, peanuts, and cotton candy. Or maybe a New Orleans-themed event utilizing slideshows of the French Quarter to set the scene, live music, a menu filled with traditional Creole cuisine and, of course, brightly colored beads everywhere.

Whatever your vision is for the event, we’ll help make it a reality.

Although event planning can be stressful at times, overcoming the hurdle of choosing a theme can help the rest of the process go much smoother. We strive to make sure your event accomplishes your goals and is an unforgettable experience.

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